100 Black Men of Pensacola Hosts 21st 100 Beautillion

“These young men are not at the end of the road but only at the beginning.” Vonchae Jackson spoke these uplifting words to the attendees during the 100 Black Men of Pensacola’s 21st Annual Tomorrows 100 Beautillion
The evening of March 3rd, Skopelos at New World Landing was host to an inspiring event, the 100 Black Men of Pensacola’s 21st Annual Tomorrows 100 Beautillion. The atmosphere was calm and soothing but yet had the ambience of a celebratory party. Music matched the evening by providing a sense of calmness yet inspiring mood for the young gentleman and the many others in attendance. The event hall was filled with Black excellence from many areas were in attendance which made a full house. A slideshow plays from previous years showing the longevity of the program.
During the ceremony there was a presentation of the African Cane. “The African walking canes are made in Kenya. It symbolizes manhood, stepping into the future and reaching back into the past; providing support that is both necessary and available from the organization.” Jackson said
The evening was a black tie semi-formal affair to present the next generation of 100 Black Men of Pensacola to the world. During this time the young men learned a ballroom dance routine with their escorts for their celebratory performance of completing the program, gaining life skills and receiving a monetary scholarship for college from the 100 Black Men of Pensacola Inc., based on the precepts of: respect for family, spirituality, justice and integrity.
With past and present Alumni in attendance, the evening proved to be memorable and inspiring. Other young men can join by contacting any member of the local 100 Black Men of Pensacola Inc. Chapter, our Facebook Page, or by emailing: 100BlackMenPns@att.net.100bLACKMEN3

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