NC100BW Celebrates Rededication Program


The Pensacola Chapter of NC100BW became a reality in the summer of 1992 with determination and leadership abilities of founders and charter members such as Charlotte Benboe, Minnie Byrd, Sabria Farakhan, Mamie Hixon, Betty Lee, Elois Marshall, Felina Martin, Amanda McConner, Carol McIntosh, Modeste McCorvey, and Lola Presley. The Chapter was installed on October 1, 1993 with 38 women. To implement the goal of empowering African-American youth and women, the Coalition has and continues to volunteer for local groups and charities. Since its inception, the Pensacola Chapter has sponsored fashion and hat shows as fundraisers with the help of its corporate and community partners.

Our goal this year is to rebuild our sisterhood starting with the Rededication Program. The NC100BW of the Pensacola Chapter held its 1st Rededication Program on Saturday, May 16, 2016 at St. John Baptist Church. Chaired and scripted by Barbara C. Holloway, 2nd VP Membership. Her committee consisted of Kasha Brown, Minnie Byrd, Lois Christian, Lorene Jackson and Thelma McCloud.

Lola Presley, serving as Mistress of Ceremony, opened the Program with a warm and heartfelt Welcome, followed by the Occasion, by our Chapter President, Dr. Joyce Hopson. Afterward, members of NC100BW demonstrated “The Processional Symbolic Colors of Commitment, narrated by Linda Robinson: Red — Energy and Passion, Earline Williams-Dunklin; Black—Omission, Phyllis Carter; Blue–Faithfulness & Respect, Flossie Cook; White—Integrity, Emma Jean Dees; Yellow–Positive Thinking, Simone Elliott; Green—Growth, Bessie Gaillard; Purple–Self X-Ray, Betty Lee; Gray—Attendance, Ora Lee; Brown—Flexibility, Elizabeth Marshall; Orange—Retrospect, Frances Blair; Pink–Genuine Concern, Margie McCorvey; Silver–Mission Conscious, Ophelia Ray; Gold–Looking For A Miracle, Eva Walker; Turquoise–Questions, Pam Brown; Beige—Unity, Kasha Brown.  Each color demonstrated its values as related to the dedication and commitment that each member vows to portray for the betterment and upward mobility of the Chapter as we strive to serve each other and our community. The inspirational Prayer of Dedication offered by Modeste McCorvey encouraged us and set us in the right frame of mind for the remainder of the program.

A feeling of sisterhood enveloped all present as we sang “We Are Family” as our song of commitment. It was evident that “we were so excited that we just couldn’t hide it” as, with interdependence, we’re stepping out with a “New Attitude.” The culmination of the Program was highlighted with a poem “Room Full of Sisters” written by Mona Lake Jones. The Program was interactive in that each member of the NC100BW played a vital and important part in the success that was achieved.

The Membership Committee’s goals were for each member to re-examine and re-evaluate their personal commitment to the services of this great Coalition. Each member to acknowledge, recognize and observe the diversity of community and evaluate the multidimensional needs of people throughout Pensacola. To increase our awareness of community and advocacy, we need to review ourselves, refuel our energies, reorganize and reprioritize our strategies and goals, while we renew our commitments. Thus, we rededicate and commitment to the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Pensacola Chapter, Inc.

We thank our guests for taking time out of their busy schedule to come and share this occasion with us.  We’re looking forward to working with you in the future of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Pensacola Chapter, Inc.

By Dr. Joyce Hopson, President & Barbara C. Holloway, 2nd VP Membership

 “Women of today reaching out for a better tomorrow”

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