The Be You Experience Empowering Young Teens


By Charles Davis III

On Saturday July 8th,   ‘The Be You Experience’ hosted their first ever event at The Greater Little Rock Baptist Church. The event was held to empower and educate young girls on various topics such as self-love, friendship,  encouragement  of one another and  how to receive encouragement from one another.  It was presented by Alexus Rackley for girls ages 12 through 18.  ‘The Be You Experience’ also hosted a panel of guest speakers including Alex Kairington, Ebony Cornish, Victoria Bayne, and the beautiful Mrs. Florida International , Vida Hargrett.

Rackley sponsored t-shirts and goodie bags with items to help prepare and motivate young women. Some items included helpful quotes printed on eye-catching paper with positive comments such as “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation”, “You have to be unique and different to shine in your own way” and many more followed by the hashtag ‘#Be You’.  All of these quotes were shared to help young girls get a better sense of self-love and self-identity.

“I consider this event important to the community because it’s much needed. Between social media, the teenage peers, and home situations, events like this are much needed. It’s empowering our young girls and showing them that there’s light within the darkness,” stated Alexus Rackley, Plus Sized Model/Entrepreneur.

Rackley says it was a vison from God that gave her the inspiration and her faith that led her through the planning phases. It was the tragic incident with Naomi Jones that led Rackley to start this event now.

“We are embracing self-love and empowerment …that black girl magic, we’re doing that!” Rackley goes on to say the event is important to her because growing up there were not many things like “The Be You Experience.  We had the TV and magazines to tell us what’s beautiful. Aside from our parents telling us how beautiful we were, there wasn’t that outside inspiration.”

Speaking about different ways of learning self-worth and gaining self-love Mrs. Florida International, Vida Hargrett, expressed to the young women that through ‘The Be You Experience’  “learn to love yourself before you can expect it elsewhere. Whether that be a relationship, a sport or whatever you have, it all starts from within.”

“Empowerment for young girls is something that I’m very passionate about.  As a mental health therapist, my target group is ages 13 to 18 so I work with the youth and I found this to be very inspirational for the girls and to share my story to serve as inspiration for them”, says Hargrett.  She went on to share with the girls what brought her to “The Be You Experience”.

‘The Be You Experience’ could not have been a success without our sponsors, The Gulf Coast Voice, HBMC, Prestige Private Investigation Agency of Florida, SALT (Sisters Anointed to Lead Together) Ministry and Echelon Community Services”, stated Rackley.

This event proved to be beneficial to young women from all walks of life. For more information, to become a sponsor, or to make a donation for next year’s event, email to

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