Gulf Coast Jazz Fest Brings Jazz to Maritime Park

Saturday afternoon Maritime Park filled quickly as the crowd found a place to sit and relax to enjoy the annual Summer Jazz Fest. Produced by Banks Enterprise, the event featured artists such as Antoine Knight, Adam Hawley, Cindy Bradley, Gregg Karukas, Ashea Rene, Boney James, Mindy Abair and Nick Collionne.
Vendors were on hand to supply an endless supply of various treats as well as drinks to feed even the most finicky of eaters.
Even the weather cooperated and only sprinkles fell the first part of the day allowing everyone to get there and take a seat.
This year’s festival proved that it was possible for any and everybody that loved jazz could enjoy the artists and the moment with ease.
Antoinne Knight opened the show with his magnificent musical talents beginning the musical festivities.
But he wasn’t alone. Each artist brought to the table a flavor of uniqueness that was unsurpassed.
If you missed this show, you won’t want to miss next year. Start getting ready now to enjoy a wonderful time at Maritime Park.

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