The African-Americana Heritage Society is issuing a Call for Manuscripts to be included

In a sixth edition of WHEN BLACK FOLKS WAS COLORED, a series of books that began in 1993.

Anyone who has a story to tell is encouraged to submit a manuscript of no more than five hundred to one thousand words to be included in what will be the final edition of the series.

Manuscripts may be about events that transpired during the period of Jim Crow or may examine

events that have occurred since the civil rights movement. Young men and women who are

often referred to as Generation X may discuss their journeys to success and mention roadblocks

they may have encountered.

The poets among us may write poems that also characterize this period of time or may be set during the time that “black folks were called colored.”

Manuscripts should be submitted by March 31, 2016, and mailed to ORA WILLLS, 4910 LYNELL STREET,

PENSACOLA, FL 32503. For clarifications please call 850 477-5502.


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