African Art Finds a Home on Belmont and Devilliers

For Claude Perry, African Art and Jew- elry has always been a way of life for him. “I have been doing this for forty years,” he stated. Originally from New York, Claude has brought the African Imports to Pensacola. “The name of our business is The African Art and Jewelry Boutique featuring authentic art and jewelry from different parts of the world.

While living in New York, Claude fell in love with African Art there. “I met an African gentleman in New York and would follow him around and eventual- ly opened Mamadou Bamba Boutique there,” he said.

Arriving in Pensacola twelve years ago, with his credit card business, Claude says that at that time business was very good. “Then I saw that there was a place for my first love. And from there I began to have fashion shows

here bringing in top designers from Af- rica.”

Ghana and West Africa are his prime places of imports. “I’ve got contacts in the US with African businessman that I have known for years,” he said.

Not only does he showcase jewelry, but he also have a host of purses from India, African shoes, statues and Afri- can attire. “I also have original soaps, oils, incense. If you don’t see it I can order it for you.”

“Most the wood (statues) that I have here is made of Mahogany and SeSe,” he said. That is the common wood for Africa. Every week we have shipments arriving.”

Claude can be found at 409 W. Dev- illiers Street. He would love to have you in to see his marvelous collection. “We have something for everybody,” he said.

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