African Queens “ON FIRE” at 11th Anniversary Ball

African Queens gathered from all over Africa at Sanders Beach-Corrine Jones Community Center on January 25, 2013 to choose one of their own to lead them.

The center was aglow with Mar- di Gras decorations set against a backdrop of
Pensacola bay. Our first queen, Queen Nefertiti, Evaline Jones was the Mistress of Ceremonies and the audience was treated to a skit depicting the biography of our chosen queen, Queen Cleop- atra.

“We are grateful to live in the 21st century,” Queen Nefertiti stated. “We are
strong women! We are beauti- ful! We are goddesses! We are Queens! And tonight, with the help of the Hot Club the queens ‘Shook a Tail Feather’ on their way to the center to greet and crown the new queen, Queen Cleopatra, Hope Alexander.

Each queen, wearing african dress and head dresses carried her own scepter.

The skit told the story of Cleo- patra, the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt who was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, a family of Greek origins dating back to 69 BC. She represented herself as the reincarnation of the Egyptian goddess, Isis. She ruled with her father, Ptolemy XII, and later with her brothers Ptolemy XIII and

Ptolemy XIV. She married first her brother and later Julius Cae- sar. They had one son. When he was killed she married Mark Anthony and had another son and twin daughters.

Mark Anthony killed himself when he lost a battle with the Octavian Forces. Cleopatra was so distraught that she killed herself.

Cleopatra , a woman on fire ; and to that tune by Alicia Keys the queens danced as their Queen Hope Alexander wearing a green, jewel-studded ,chiffon gown entered, to be draped in the Queen’s royal robe of golden silk embossed with the purple and green emblem of the Krewe of African Queens, was present- ed with red roses and a crown. She then promenaded around the center waving and accepting congratulations from her royal subjects. Queen Cleopatra then ascended to her throne as the other queens gathered for the royal champagne toast and reading of the queen’s proclamation.

After the royal portrait, the 200 guests were invited to dance the night away to the music of One Accord. Members of the Krewe are: Evaline Jones, captain, Clau-

dia Williams, co-captain/ treasur- er, Felicia Mack, recording secretary, Ann Mack secretary, Cathy Alleyne, Clareta Broadnax, Pa- tricia Cain, Gloria Green, Shirley Holmes, Mary Holley-Lewis, Ann Huley, Mary Knight, Marian Maxey, Connie McCullar, Linda Milton, Katherine Ross, Nor- ma Simmons, Lily Townsend. For further information, contact Evaline Jones at evaline-jones@

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