Aim High


C. Dwayne West, CEO / MG Media

I was watching another one of my old black & white films called The Tall Men, and it starred Clark Gable. His character was a well-respected cattle man for his ability to take thousands of cows across the western terrain.

This ruthless businessman had big dreams of owning the state of Montana. But he needed the money from the cow drive and the prestige of delivering the herd of steers to the state where he would one day be the Governor. He hired what he thought was a small man (Clark Gable) to do the job. To his surprise, throughout the film, the Gable character saved them from many horrific occurrences during the three month-long journey. For instance, there were rustlers who wanted them to pay border taxes on each cow. As well as Indians who wanted half the herd to help them survive the winter months.

Gable outsmarted everyone, even the man who hired him to get the cattle to market. After the cattle drive was over, the strong armed business man didn’t like being showed up, especially in front of his woman who joined him on their move to Montana. At the end of the movie, the now ‘tall man,’ Clark Gable proved he was no punk, even though he avoided many situations with the businessman. He expressed that he was hired to do a huge job which took precedence over what he called ‘childish horse play, trying to impress his ‘responsibility’ (the woman).

He once again outsmarted the businessman who tried to hang him after the cattle drive was over because his pride was damaged. As the movie credits prepared to role, the businessman, with his hanging party behind him, stared at the ‘tall man’ as he walked away. The ruthless tycoon stated, “There goes the only man I ever respected. He’s the kinda man that every kid wants to be when he grows up… and every old man wish he was before he dies.” Powerful statement!

This movie had several teachable moments: Be true to thyself and being so good at what you do that not even your enemies can deny your progress. And always think big, but think practical and be prepared to outsmart your competition and even your perceived allies. This is something that I’ve expressed many times before. As the year comes to an end, and as we think about the new year and what’s the agenda for 2017, people should be aiming high and thinking about being the best.

We need to focus more on the bigger picture. We’ve been blinded and somewhat fooled by the distraction of the violence chatter, only. Yes, violence is horrible. Loss of life is something that no one wants to feel. But it happens to us all. No one is immune to losing a loved one; either through old-age, auto accidents, airplanes dropping out of the sky, train derailments, and a host of other occurrences that cause each of us to know heartache.

I’ve never had a crime stat or violence conversation with my daughter! She sees it. She hears about. She knows about it. I don’t want her to think about it in terms of using it as a roadblock or obstacle. Nothing should stop her from aiming high and accomplishing something great! I truly want my peeps to focus on greatness! Blacks should think about building monuments to their names. What legacy can you leave behind for your family to follow and aim even higher?

I want individuals who come in serious contact with me during my progressive journey to say about me what the businessman expressed about the ‘tall man’ in the movie. But to truly know me and make a real analysis, you can’t just be passing me by in the hallway and think that you know me. You’ll have to spend quality time with me or anyone to really know their soul, their spirit, their heart, and their desires before making assertions about their moral character. If you really wanna know someone or something, AIM HIGH! Until the next edition….. Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ…..

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