Althea Phillips-Edwards receives the 2014 Excellence in Nursing Award


The Good Samaritan Foundation awarded Althea Phillips-Edwards the Bronze Medalist in the Large Hospital Category for 2014.  A professional nurse of 33 years, she has held a variety of nursing positions including leadership.

She has led by example, modeling high standards of patient care, compassion for others, respect for all and lifelong learning, attributes which are an essential component of her mentoring style.

Mrs. Phillips- Edwards has an enthusiasm for all areas of professional practice and this enthusiasm is contagious.  She has inspired many co-workers to pursue profession al as well as personal goals, and has worked tirelessly to provide guidance and encouragement to her staff in Prime Care.

She has encountered significant numbers of staff on a daily basis, but yet manages to impart a cring attitude for each individual, an attitude that is backed by her endeavors, respecting each person and motivating them to aspire to their highest level of achievement.

Professionalism, intelligence, commitment, respect, caring, and teamwork are words that one would use to describe this recipient.

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