America’s Largest Black-Owned Gift Company Unveils Limited Edition Merchandise Dedicated to The Obamas


Sacramento, CA – Celebrating its 25th year in business, history making in it’s own right, African American Expressions is a widely popular black-owned company with the largest variety of gifts; including greeting cards, art pieces, home décor and wall calendars, that honor and represent the African American culture. A retail market that is extremely active and yet highly overlooked, AAE has dedicated it’s existence to offering high quality black gifts and collectibles. One of it’s biggest hits last year was the 2016 The Obamas calendar, which sold out within 2 months of it being available to the public.

This year, African American Expressions has taken it a step further by commemorating the successful and inspiring two terms of the first African American president. Of the almost 70 new products that AAE will release this season, over 20 of those will be exclusive memorabilia featuring President and First Lady Obama.The line will include multiple items such as journals, bookmarks, ceramic mugs, daily planners, and the highly anticipated gold-foiled Special Edition 2017: The Obamas calendar. These exclusive items are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so there is no guarantee that it will still be available before the holidays hit.

“Last year we anticipated them selling out a little before the holiday, but we didn’t anticipate just how fast they truly went. This year? It’s their last year in office, so it will be surprising if we are able to even keep them on the shelves!” – Greg Perkins, CEO.

Olivia Monahan,African American Expressions

10266 Rockingham Dr, Ste 100 /(916) 424-5000 ext 205/

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