An Evening with Donavan Robinson


By Carlyn A. James

On the 1st day of December 2015, bass/baritone artist, Donavan Robinson performed at The Center for Fine and Performing Arts at The University of West Florida. Admissions to the 7:30 PM show was free to the public. At the conclusion of an outstanding performance, the audience embraced him with grand applause and gathered in the lobby for a photo opportunity with the young artist.

As a child, Donavan Robinson became inspired to sing when he was riding in the car with his mother, Judy Robinson. She stated that he would try to sing like the artists on the radib6078166-d6d1-40d0-9243-ef2bd37ade9bo and showed an interest in various types of music such as gospel, jazz, and classical by carefully listening. As he grew older his voice deepened and though he stood out as a child with a deep voice, it was soon discovered that he had a gift. He was invited to join the school’s choir. Subsequently his parents enrolled him in voice lessons at Pensacola State College with instructor Judy Eddins. From there he graduated with an Associate’s of Arts Degree in Vocal Performance (2013). Today, he attends The University of West Florida where he will obtain a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Vocal Performance. His expected graduation date is in 2016 and he intends to pursue a Master’s Degree in Music.

Robinson has earned several awards and scholarships for his talents. He has performed in many productions with organizations such as The Pensacola Opera Chorus, Our Voices Are Many by Mamie Webb Hixon, World Renowned Mezzo Soprano-Institute for Young and Dramatic Voices by Dolora Zajick, and several other productions. As a young and talented artist, Donavan Robinson is certainly on the rise. Stay tuned for future productions as his performances are well worth seeing.

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