Another Fighter Gone

   Mrs. Rasco was a diabetic and she had problems with her feet, her left foot to be specific.  As most diabetics do she tried to doctor on it herself.  Then when she finally went to the Doctor they cut her big toe off.  That didn’t resolve the issue so they then cut again after time had passed her entire foot.  Still the problem persisted and she ultimately had her leg to the knee cut off.The Doctor who cut the leg did a bad job and left a lot of the bone exposed.  He is being sued.  After that surgery, a major infection set in and she was never the same. They cut again this time to the hip and still the infection didn’t stop until it took her life.
Before her death she planned her funeral and demanded that her Pastor Dr. Gabrieli Andre’ Davis preach her funeral and that her body remains in Pensacola.  After fighting for 16 years to free her daughters and raising five grandchildren her life ends with them free and the grandchildren grown but Mrs. Rasco unable to truly live her life.  Along the way she buried her husband the girls father, her husband’s father, her mother and her daughter. A life full of heartaches and tragedy but it didn’t stop her from believing and trusting in God until the end.
She Was A Fighter!!

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