Antioch Choirs Celebrate Anniversary


Sunday afternoon, community choirs came to Antioch Baptist Church to help Antioch Choir #2 and Antioch Voices of Praise celebrate a combined total of 74 years of serving God.

Opening the celebration with Praise and Worship was The New Dimensions Praise Team.  They wasted no time in ushering in the Holy Spirit.  As shouts of hallelujah went up, Mistress of Ceremony, Sis Verlynn White welcomed everyone to the Anniversary celebration of Antioch Choir #2 of 54 years and Antioch Voices of Praise of 20 years.

The theme for the event was “Praise the Lord”.  “For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised.” Chronicles 16:25

Host Choir Fellowship Mass Choir took the stand and had everyone up singing and praising the Lord.  Singing songs such as “Better” and a host of others gave way to more praise and worship.  Truly the Lord was in the place.

A moment was taken to acknowledge former and inactive members of Voices of Praise attending the 20th year celebration.

Not to be outdone, Antioch Choir #2 and Voices of Praise Choir took the stand and began a medley of songs from contemporary gospel to old time gospel that blessed the house.

Selections of Bethel AME Choir, Co-host, also added to the praise.

Rev. Tyler V Hardeman, Sr and Rev. N Smith gave observations and the Benediction.

Congratulations Antioch on a job well done in serving the Lord with praise.

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