May 29

1st Annual Pensacola Unity Golf Club Championship

By Carlyn “Cartilini” James

The United Brothers wins the 1st Annual Pensacola Unity Golf Club Championship.  Held at the Osceola Golf Course on Saturday May 24, 2014 the winning team played against The Par 4 Golf Club and The American Legion Post 193 in Pensacola, Florida.

The game was based on a Ryder’s Style format which determined who won the championship.  The event provided an opportunity for golfers of any skill level to have fun, meet one another, and fellowship.

There were also prizes and lunch for all who participated.  Serving on the committee was: T.C. Cole, Joe Holmes (Post 193), Boe Gable, Ron Weaden (United Brothers), Billy Brent (Par 4 Golf Charities), and Walter Wallis (Par 4 Golf Charities).

As this was the events 1st annual program which was open to all with an interest in golf, there will be a 2nd Annual Pensacola Unity Golf Club Championship next year.


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