Aug 30


By Tony R. McCray, Jr.
Last Thursday, August 23, the National Primitive Baptist Convention USA President, Elder Bernard C. Yates, endorsed President Obama’s re-election campaign against Republican candidate Mitt Romney. The Hyatt Regency Dearborn conference center, located just outside of Detroit, was packed with approving members from all over the country.
In an expressive and supportive gesture, Elder Yates, during his National President’s Annual Address, said, “I love Obama and I am going to support him for President. However, he did open a can of worms.  I am sorry he opened up that can of worms, but he did, however, I am still supporting him for President!”
Members in attendance responded with a thunderous round of applause as Yates gave his endorsement.
Born in Mobile, Alabama, Yates is the youngest of 10 siblings, five of whom are ministers and pastors.  He assumed his first pastoral assignment at the age of 19 at the Mt. Lebanon Primitive Baptist Church of Waxahachie, Texas where he served for 9 years and 6 months.  He met Vonda Elaine Allen his wife of more than 31 years while pasturing that church.  It was in 1985 when Elder Yates became the pastor at Zion Hope Primitive Baptist Church in Pensacola, and he has served as its leader ever since.
President Obama sent a letter of congratulations when Yates, the Pastor of Zion Hope Primitive Baptist Church in Pensacola, was installed as the national congregation’s president.


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  1. Ernesto Christobal

    As leaders and laymen in and of the Body of Christ we can easily be influence and tempted to get up in an open and public forum and begin to say what we like and who we LOVE… never giving a moments care to what our Heavenly Father likes or LOVE.
    How many of us have paused long enough to reflect and study to find out what Almighty God’s heart is towards those seeking leadership roles over countless souls of whom he created? God has called each of us to be the salt of the earth and the watchmen on the walls of world events for the purpose of helping us to reveal the times in our: ( Cultures, Generations and Society ) in which we find ourselves alive. So that He can be lifted up!
    Daniel in the Old Testatment is an excellent example of this, when by regular practice he sort God’s face (3) times a day in prayer so as to remain connected with the one true GOD and get answers to the unusual events taking place all around him on a daily basis. Today in the halls of churches that claims Jesus as the Son of the one true God this practice of seeking God’s face for answers is ignored. Why? Is it because we have arrived to the place where we are so learned that we can now lean on our own understanding?
    For any lover of the one true GOD to stand-up in an open forum and say; “I LOVE Obama and I’m going to support him for President. However, he did open a can of worms. I’m sorry he opened up that can of worms, but he did, however, I’m still supporting him for President!”
    Question! What does God have to say and have plainly stated His position concerning the can of worms? Or maybe I have it all wrong-it just doesn’t matter anymore what the seemingly quiet God has to say. Still, I’m curious; at the end of the day does it matters whose agenda, plots or plans are supported God’s or Satan’s? Especially if support are from the hands of the people that are suppose to be the SALT of the earth and the WATCHMEN on the walls of world changing events. Do we get rewards in heaven for this kind of works???
    For select portions of the Body of Christ to be percieved as casting support in such a huge life changing event as the up coming election, while ignoring God’s position on the can of worms. What does that say about what we might think about the one true God and His position on the can of worms??? Maybe I’m wrong, afterall, it is just a can of worms….

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