Arson Blamed on House Fire in Aviation Field Neighborhood


On Monday June 22nd at 3:32 pm the Escambia County Fire Department responded to a house fire at 3005 N. Tarragonna Street.  Smoke could be seen as far as the Fairfield Drive and Davis Highway. The fire inundated the home sending a horrific plume of smoke into the surrounding.neighborhood. The house was the home of Samuel and Terrace Phillips.  However, following the fire the home is non-habitable.


Terrace Phillips is the son of Samuel Phillips and he was charged with arson in the case. According to Samuel Phillips, he had attempted to have his son hospitalized for behavior that he felt might be detrimental to his son and himself. He said that authorities refused to accomodate his request and when he left the house to take care of family business the fire was reported.

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