Audrey Allen Presents Swimwear for Curvy Ladies

collection designer Audrey Allen


By: Tonya Jackson

Audrey Allen, owner/designer of A+ Curves, is a fashion designer who dared to dream of fashionable, comfortable swimwear for women who wear real sizes. This dream became reality when she took her skills and began to design her own swimwear. On Sunday, May 22nd she presented her colorful, energetic collection to a full house at 5 Eleven Palafox.

Allen shares her vision and intent, “I could not find a swimsuit I was comfortable in and that was cute enough for my taste. It also didn’t cover me up in the right places. Buying swimsuits is different from other articles of clothing and I just felt like the need wasn’t being met in the plus size and curvy girl market right now. I just want to put my stamp on it. I want to give women more options and hopefully I can improve the shopping experience that women can have. Most of the designers are men and they don’t know the struggle of the plus size woman. And there are not many plus size designers to address our needs.”

Allen has been designing since she was in middle school and has been designing swimwear professionally since 2012. She trained professionally at Florida State University where she majored in fashion design and fashion merchandising with a minor in business.

With models of all ages and sizes this 2016 swimwear collection had something for everywoman. Many of them were friends of Allen’s and local to the area.

One of the most telling things about her collection occurred after her show ended. When the models had the opportunity to change their clothes, they opted to keep wearing the swimwear and it wasn’t riding up. I asked one model why did she still had on her swimsuit and she said it was comfortable. It seems that Allen has a winner. If you’re interested in this collection you can get additional details at her website,

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