B.I. Entertainment: throws All-City Class Reunion

a special thanks to Dennis Byrd of 3rdmillenniummedia for the photos of the event.

By Wesley Martin

There were some who did the butterfly and others who did the tootsie roll.

Last Friday, August 10, B.I. Entertainment Inc. threw the All-City class reunion for individuals who graduated between the years of 1983 and 1994.

The event, which was held at Pensacola’s New World Landing, featured an eclectic mix of individuals as mostly classic Hip Hop and R&B filled the large hall.

Bill Marshall, of B.I. Entertainment, says the unfortunate death of one of his former classmates, Terra Fountain, was the spark for the reunion.

“When we went to her funeral, it was like a reunion,” said Marshall, who graduated from Washington High during the 1990’s. “There were so many people we saw from school that we hadn’t seen [in a long time].”

Marshall says during this time period, many people asked for him to put together a class reunion so many could return back home for a positive reason. “Everybody kind of talked me into doing it.”

One of those individuals is Marshall’s good friend, Roy Jones Jr.

“I came out here because I have a lot of old schoolmates and we don’t see each other anymore,” said Jones who is also a Washington alumnus. “The only time we see each other is when somebody dies or when something bad happens.”

Marshall said Jones’ involvement helped to bring more folks to the event.

“A lot of people went to different schools and never really got to meet him – they just heard about him,” Marshall said. “So, I decided to have him come to co-host the event.”

Marshall said many of the attendees were able to take photos and converse with the former heavyweight-boxing champion.

The legendary 90’s rap group, 69 Boyz, also made an appearance Friday night at the event and provided entertainment.
“Back in the day, old groups like the 69 Boyz, JT Money and Ghost Town DJs performed at the Landmark skating rink on Sunday nights,” said Marshall.

‘Thrill Da Playa’ of the 69 Boyz said that the group will return to Pensacola on September 2, for the Bass Ain’t Dead Tour.
“The world said they’re ready to dance again, so we’re going from city to city and we’ve had great results,” Thrill Da Playa said.

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