Back to Gospel Highlights Local Artists


John Holt and wife Bridgette Holt

Sunday afternoon, Gospel filled the air at the African American Heritage Museum  as local artists came and sang their hearts out.  “This is way for local gospel groups come together to be recognized within the city,” said John Holt founder.  “If it has to do with gospel, we do it.”

“The idea was to provide an atmosphere that groups can come together and be comfortable outside of the sanctuary,” said HoltolHoltHhHhh.

Every 2nd Sunday of the month, different groups will perform at the African American Heritage Museum.

“We have a nice website that everyone can go on the artist page and input their information, and that way if someone needs a group they can find them on the page.  This is just a way to get people out of their little niche and give them more exposure,” said Holt.

When asked long he had been organizing such events he replied “as of this program, we are celebrating our first anniversary.”

Rejoice with their Envogue style performs at Back to Gospel

If you or your group are interested in participating in the Back to Gospel Event, you can go to the website or email

“Come enjoy Gospel Music and Dinner”

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