Baptist Ministers’ Union of Pensacola Sponsors 2015 City Wide Revival

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The Baptist Ministers’ Union of Pensacola and Vicinity sponsored their 2015 City Wide Revival from October 25th to the 30th at Greater True Vine Baptist Church at 130 North Pace Boulevard. Rev. Isaac Williams serves as the Pastor of the host church which had a packed sanctuary for every evening service. The City Wide Choir was prepared to usher in the Holy Spirit into each night of worship as the chorale group was blessed with a talent studded ensemble of singers from all over the local area.
The revival program showed the presiding churches for each service. Some nights were designated for specific groups. For example, Tuesday, October 27th was “Selma University Night”. Wednesday, October 28th was “Youth Night”. The program, also, provided one of the most comprehensive list of the fifty-three (53) 2015 Baptist Union Membership and their churches, which is led by the Baptist Ministers’ Union President Lonnie D. Wesley, III; the Pastor at Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church.
The Guest Evangelist was Dr. Kelon Duke, the Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church of Glenwood, Illinois. He is a native of Miami, Florida and accepted the call to ministry at the age of 17. Kelon is a graduate of Morehouse College where he received a B.A. in Religion. He went on to attend the Howard University School of Divinity where he received his Master of Divinity Degree. He has successfully defended his doctoral dissertation which provided his eligibility to receive a Doctor of Ministry Degree at the United Theological Seminary in Dayton Ohio.
There was also Rev. Sebric Veal from Cleveland, Ohio who was the guest speaker on Monday and Tuesday.
The Guest Evangelist, Dr. Kelon Duke brought a message from Acts 8:9-24 which provided his example of present day Christianity where Christ is taken out of the church. He then articulated that “we are taking Christ out of how we raise our children. We take the children to the dentist to fill a cavity, but will not take them to the church to fill the cavity in their hearts”. He preached that Simon in this section of the Book of Acts tried to pay the Apostle Peter when he saw the result of him when he saw the apostles, “laid they their hands on them, and they received the Holy Ghost”. Simon offered them money, “Saying, Give me also this power, that whomsoever I lay hands; he may receive the Holy Ghost”. However, Peter rebuked him for thinking that the power of God may be purchased.
The stage was set for Kelon to make the point that Simon thought the apostles were artful magicians, and he connected that thought to the point that God’s power cannot be bought. However, he stated some men of God preach the prosperity message that is attempting to buy an anointing for wealth. “We must have an authentic relationship with God. If the scriptures are right salvation cannot be bought”!

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