Barber Styles with Hope

Styled with Hope1


By Tonya Jackson

D the Barber or “D” is personable, funny, gifted with clippers, and dedicated to his profession. Patrons who sit in his chair come back time after time because of his expertise and his spirit. “D” has cut hair all of his life and has been a master barber in Pensacola for two years. Being a master barber means he can color and style women’s hair. When asked about his specialty he humbly replies, “I like all hair. I especially like short hair. I like diversity, so I cut all types of hair.” According to “D” the best part of his job is when his cut or style transforms a rough day for someone, “when I can give new life or hope” and “give some positive input, a word of encouragement.” “When someone sits in my chair we have a bond, that’s the most exciting part. I’m able to empower people by the time they leave my chair.”

A good barber is more than just a person in the barbershop cutting your hair; according to “D” barbers can change our moods and must be good with people so patrons can feel better than they did when they arrived. Additionally, “D” goes beyond the barbershop and “cuts the hair of homeless in our community and goes into funeral homes to style” the hair of our loved ones. “Being a barber allows me a variety of ways to touch people. I enjoy touching people and giving them hope through the gift God has given me. My chair is like a getaway. I want people to leave my chair feeling better. I love my job!”

Do you need a fresh cut and some encouragement? You can find D the Barber at the Corner Barbershop located in Cordova Mall.

Do you know someone in the service industry who does more than just help you look your best? Send their contact information to us at and maybe they will be the next person featured “In Service of Beauty”.

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