Belmont Students Earning Scholarships

Friday evening at University of West Florida the African American Heritage Jazz Society awarded two students an award for their participation in the Scholarship contest.  Isabelle Peterson placed second and Jabobi Williams placed first overall in the event.

Isabelle Peterson (age 15), 10th grade, is currently enrolled in the Escambia Virtual Academy. She is a member of the Belmont Youth Band and assist in teaching guitar to other students in the Belmont Youth Band program. Isabelle has taken voice and studied guitar for several years and also plays ukulele, piano, bass.  She stated that she is interested in learning to play the drums.

Isabelle enjoys practicing and playing with the Belmont Youth Band. She also leads a local Christian Band that performs at retreats and conferences. Music has been a very important part of Isabelle’s life, from a young age She also hopes to become a music teacher to spread her love of music. Isabelle loves all kinds of music Jazz, R&B, and Christian, Rock,and they are her favorites.

Jabobi Williams (guitar) age 17  is a Senior at Pine Forest High School and is a member of the Belmont Youth Band of which he helps teach other students in the band. He attends New Dimensions Christian Center, where he also plays guitar. He takes private lessons from Mr. Jim Brown at the Gulf Coast School of Music and he plays with numerous bands in Pensacola.  Jabobi plays a variety of different styles and types of music; jazz,blues,gospel,rock,Latin etc. He practices multipal hours almost every day and has been playing about six years. Jacobi was recently invited to appear in August 2013, at the Appolo Theater in New York City.  Jabobi states, “Music is my love and is something I want to continue to do for the rest of my life .

The Belmont Youth Band was started January 2003, by Vivian Lamont and Rudy Pendleton. They give free lessons, musical instruments, musical supplies and assist in getting musical scholarships for the students. Music helps the students academically and helps them to do something positive with their life “and that’s what we are all about.”  stated Vivian Lamont co-founder and President of the Belmont Youth Band, Inc.

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