Belmont Youth Band Strikes Again in Jazz Society Competition


The Belmont Youth Band continues its mission to educate and motivate young people of Pensacola and Escambia County and to help develop their interests in music education and public performances.  As the most recent example, this past March Isabelle Peter- son, 17 years old and Nicle Lloyd, also 17, placed 2nd in the Pensacola Jazz Society Music Competition for High School and College  student -Vivian Lamont, who presently serves as the Belmont Youth Band’s Executive Director, founded the youth group in 2003 and served as its first President.  In the past year she has taken on her new duties and City Councilman,Brian Spencer has taken over the job as President, and Gulf Power Executive, Jeff Rodgers serves as Vice-President.  “Brian and Jeff are very supportive of our pur- pose and I truly appreciate their leadership for the band and our programs” said Lamont.

The band, its adult officers, and the parents all double as chaperones when they take trips. In the past two years the group has taken trips to Tunica, Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee. Lamont commented that the trip was most outstanding because of the professional mu- sician performances and the opportunity for the student to share the same stage with them. There were, also, instruments from Africa that the young people were allowed to play following a performance by their guests.  Isabelle, on scholarship at history of the blues and were taken on tours of historical sites in both cities. This June the Belmont Youth Band will be traveling to Pensacola State College, competed in the vocal competition. She plans to be a music teacher.  Nicle, a Gulf Breeze high school student, competed in the instrumental competition and wants toAtlanta to the Jus’ Blues Festival to enjoy similar experiences as they did in Memphis and Tunica. They will be touring the Martin Luther King District and taking in other historical sites.  Persons, complete a double major in college with a focus on music as one of his academic concentrations. Many studies have proven the benefits of early music training in that youths develop a strong businesses, or organizations interested in supporting The organization is a sense of responsibility and usually do better academically than those who have not participated in the arts.growth and development of our youth in the Belmont Youth Band, please contact Vivian Lamont at (850) 458-6744.  501©3 and all donations are tax-deductible.

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