Biggs Productions Holds Christmas Bash in Moss Point and Plans for Summer Bike & Blues Fest for Pensacola

C.C. Biggs Productions is holding their 2017 Million $$$$$ Birthday and Christmas Bash on Saturday, December 2nd in Moss Point, Mississippi at the Main Street Lounge featuring the Real Show Band, “Ronnie Bell” (Mr. Cotton Candy) and Pensacola’s own “Franky”. C.C. Biggs acknowledges that for the first time in over a decade the Christmas celebration is not being held in Pensacola. However, the production company is providing transportation by bus at 5:30 pm from Pensacola Town & Country Shopping Center to Moss Point and back which includes admission to the party and food. All past celebrations have been standing room only and a huge success.
C.C. Biggs is quick to share his plans with the public for the June 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2018 Pensacola Bike and Blues Fest. Biggs is involved in sponsoring a summer bash that has already attracted the attention of motorcycle clubs from Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. He and his wife Joann have held several meetings with the leaders of these various motorcycle clubs and the excitement is building.
Get ready Pensacola to play hospitality hosts to venues on Pensacola Beach and the Pensacola Fairgrounds. Biggs is already known as a successful Southern Soul Music Promoter and See Biggs Production Hold Christmas Bash pg2
he is utilizing that focus to is bring two distinct powerful African-American recreational cultures together for this three-day event: Bikers and Southern Soul Music Partiers from around the southeastern United States.
The Gulf Coast Voice Newspaper is providing coverage for the promotional build-up to the event and of course the three-day celebration itself. The Voice interviewed Albert Butler, the President of the Atomic Dogs Motorcycle Club, out of Aiken, South Carolina that shared how excited they are about attending the event in Pensacola. When asked what he thinks about the Pensacola Bike and Blues Fest, Butler stated, “I have been to a bunch of these parties and I love these type of events. It is a way to get the brand name of your motorcycle club in the public’s eye. It is also a way for the different clubs to show how much of a powerful brotherhood we are. We have respect for each other and we do not allow any misunderstanding or any kind of fights”. Butler went on to say that, “I hosted an event just like C.C is organizing and my Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) said that we generated a $35,000,000 economic impact in Aiken, South Carolina.
Biggs will be hosting leaders from the interested motorcycle clubs on January 27th to participate in a planning meeting and the distribution of tickets to take back to their hometowns and local biker clubs. Get ready Pensacola. The Gulf Coast Voice will be serving as the official spokes publication for the summer bash and will be announcing the list of entertainers for the eight (8) hours of partying at the Pensacola Fairgrounds before Christmas.

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