Bishop Paul Morton Preached Down The Wall

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Bishop Paul Morton appeared at Friendship Baptist Church Friday night and sang and preached down heaven.

“Joshua’s assignment was to lead the people into enemy territory,” he said.  “ To some, reading this scripture, it seemed like he was scared; he was afraid of the giants in the land, but he wasn’t.  God had to remind Joshua to be strong and very courageous. “

“God spoke to Joshua many times in the scripture telling him to be strong and of good courage.  Now, after hearing this word so many times, we would think, OK I’ve got this.  But God’s doesn’t do anything without a reason.  Let me be clear everything that is put in the word, there is a reason.  Joshua was not afraid.  And Joshua prayed and spent time with God.  He said, Lord, I’m ready to take your people into the promise land.  Now there was the report that only 2 of the twelve spies can back with a good report stating that they could take the land.  The other ten said there are giants in that land and we cannot take the land.  One of the two was Joshua.  Tell me what I have to do.”

“Joshua was trained in leadership. He didn’t come to God arrogantly; He asked God what do you want me to do?”   

“I’ve been preaching a long time and I can’t do without God; I can’t sing without God.  When you do what you think you can do without God, you have a serious problem.  The anointing is not about seeing you, it’s about seeing the presence of God.  You’ve got to get you out of the way and you’ve got to be able to see the presence of God.

“God gave Joshua a plan—you’ve got to conquer the city of Jericho.   It was a strange plan.  Sometimes when God is leading you, it does not make any sense.  Sometimes you just want to say, Lord are you serious?”  Is that really what you want me to do?”  That’s the way God works.  He really does not want you to depend on you.  He specializes in things that seem impossible.  That’s when he does his best work.

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