Black Business Network Sponsors Breakfast and Expo

Saturday morning Entrepreneurial business owners breakfasted and exchanged cards at the annual Black Business Network Expo.

Sponsored by the Black Business Network, young entrepreneurs as well as seasoned enjoyed a hot breakfast and gained insight on starting a business discussed by Mr. Grover Brown, Community Enterprises Investments Inc. and also the ABC’s of borrowing by Mr. Percy Goodman Jr. of the Community Enterprises Investments, Inc.

Attorney Gerald McKenzie, members of the Black Business Network spoke of learning to diverse in the business world.  “We have got to learn how to diverse in order to become wealthy.  When I looked around I saw how other people were doing this whether it was real estate or the stock market and found that there were many ways to invest.”

Guest speaker for the occasion was Dr. Karyn Combs.  Dr. Combs went on the state that “African Americans spend an estimated $913 billion a year on products and services but only 4% returns to the African American community.”

Dr. Karyn M. Combs is the Principal at Florosa Elementary School near Hurlburt AFB.  She served as principal at Eglin Elementary on Eglin Air Force Base for sixteen years, where she led the school to an A+ rating from the State of Florida for ten consecutive years due to hard working teachers, paraprofessionals, students and parents who were committed to excellence in all they did to educate and support students at Eglin Elementary.

“This is where our organizations come in,” said Georgia Blackmon of the Gathering Awareness.  “We have formed this organization do business with Black businesses.   In the organization, there are a group of businesses that use each other to show support of the Black business.  “If we need a landscaper, we use the business in the organization; if we need am attorney, we use the attorney in the organization,” she said.

Although the group is small they are striving to set the example of keeping the money in the Black community.



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