Blacks Are in Denial!



By: C. Dwayne West / CEO MG Media

First let me preface my Works of Words by stating that, of course I’m not referring to all black people being in denial. Maybe 95%. I’m just kidding, it’s more like 90% (LOL). Ok, for real, it’s probably 75%, and that’s enough to disrupt the flow of black life.

It all started when I was a shorty, and I began to understand how my community flowed during some of the more progressive times in American history. I recall being taught that blacks were able to successfully take control of their own destinies, like during the Tulsa, Oklahoma Black Wall Street Movement, and during the not so distant period prior to the post-civil rights era of integration, in which we had more love for each other.

We resided on the same blocks regardless of your professional or blue collar title. It also didn’t matter who was that kid walking down the street, if his or her attitude was funky, they got a beat down and then another beat down. And mentoring was not a popular word, but it was being done unconsciously.

Yep, blacks had it going on. Our ancestors were proud and established. They ran numbers, controlled their own brothels and gambling parlors. The Negro Baseball League also was a profitable venture, and it gave blacks work in and around the good ole ball parks. Blacks owned and operated legitimate businesses. Negroes dictated what happened in their own front and back yards.

Unfortunately, today it’s a different scenario. First, let me say that black America is overflowing with educated, well-to-do, elite Negroes. But lots of them are in denial. They truly think that they’ve reached the Promised Land. Maybe from where they stand or sit, it appears that way. Good for them. But bad for the rest of us who beg to differ.

But….. regardless of what the nightly news machine spouts about violence and selective dysfunction, black folks everywhere are finding their place at the table. And some are rising to the top and securing positions in the C-suite, at the head of the Board, and one dude even became the President of the free world. Sounds great, on all fronts. But there is one thing missing.

There are not enough blacks at the table. There not enough blacks being selected to hold down positions as Board chairmen and CEOs. And after how America, and by America I mean the 50% of the whites I described in Wednesday’s edition, treated the first black President, I can’t imagine another black man or woman occupying that seat any time soon.

Why have these things I’ve mentioned occurred sporadically at best? Because, not enough of the elite blacks, or the blacks who’ve worked hard and succeeded at escaping their blackness, understand that it’s their responsibility to extend the bridge of opportunity. So many blacks are in denial. Who are they? They are our elected officials. They are our local, successful business people. They are the loud mouth, but needed social activists.

A few of them are pastors and so-called educators who turn their backs when the real work of achieving black progress and the need to make power moves is necessary. They talk a great game, but saying nothing! And the common man often believes every word that comes from the big lips of the blacks in denial. That man has never had much of anything, so when something like a turkey is promised during the holiday, he’s seasoned just right to be exploited and lied to.

Being in denial has to be a painful feeling. It must hurt like heck to know what’s right and wrong, but because you’ve sold out to the other side, you have to bury your head and emotions in order to keep up the lie 24/7.

Nevertheless, black life is somewhat good! Progress is moving along at its own pace, yet we can all agree that it’s not moving fast enough for so many. Primarily because far too many blacks keep denying their role in helping to speed up the process! Until the next edition….. Peace and One Love. I Write to Differ…..

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