Blacks Have Been Punked



I wish President Obama would’ve stepped up and proved he’s not to be bullied. Barack was punked by Trump during the Birtha Movement, which resulted in him eventually displaying his birth certificate.

During the Trump/Hillary election, Obama should’ve retaliated and repeatedly beat down Trump on his refusal to show his tax returns. Not to mention the Steven Bannon mess; a man who has spoken negatively about blacks, latinos, jews and others. But Trump was allowed to not only associate with Bannon closely during his election–Steve has now been appointed to his cabinet.

I’m even more saddened by Obama’s actions. During his election he denounced his own pastor, Rev. Wright, due to a few words Jeremiah uttered in his own sanctuary. A proud and educated black man allowed himself to be moved into an arena of servitude. And as the President, Obama should have redeemed himself during the recent presidential election. It makes me think is there something else going on in America that the common man has absolutely no clue about? What’s next–should we follow Barack’s lead and get on our knees to Trump’s presidency?

The Republican Party openly admitted that they don’t cater to nor do they care, to that degree, about blacks, latinos or others who don’t fit their ideology. They’ve been upfront and have stayed on message for decades. Cool. I see the invisible white hooded sheets and I know the score. But the Democratic Party, its white leadership and cowardly black national and local caucuses have failed to empower and advance the causes of its most loyal servants.

Black unemployment is out of control. Disastrous schools and police brutality seems to be the norm. A heavy prison pipeline that consists of young black boys. You would think that these conditions would arise under the hooded hidden hands of power within the Republican Party. But these horrible circumstances exist in Chicago under a current Democratic Mayor and former Democratic Governor before Republican Bruce Rauner pulled the sheets off the failed leadership in the state of Illinois.

Who will uncover Rahm Emanuel’s lack of investment in black MEN–not boys? For example, it’s a shame that with all the construction going on in Chicago, each time I drive by a strip of work being done, I always count the black faces. At most sites blacks are completely absent. And these are SOUTHSIDE city construction projects. Also lets talk about the lack of black faces downtown at the 40 new developments the Mayor has recently lauded. There are no black men working in the loop on all the crane activities. Again, this is under a Democratic mayor who cries on TV and acts as though he really cares about black folks.

I don’t buy it! All of his black surrogates walk through the hood trying to fool the common man. But they know that I’m not one of them. I will not be punked. Very soon I’m gonna profile the Mayor’s black inner-circle who’ve recently tried to exclude me from media related activities or events because they feel I’m not gonna ride or die with the Mayor. Honestly, I’ll rather die first–unless Rahm proves that he’s gonna enrich my community.

Yep, I’m gonna highlight who are these people calling themselves our friends or allies. They’ve collectively done little to nothing to help black people! That’s a fact that not one political operative in state or local government can refute. The proof is in the data that goes against black folks on all levels.

Thank God for the Negroes who’ve been raised to go out and make it happen for themselves. I applaud them! The educated, employed, hustler, innovative entrepreneur, the housewife or househusband. If you’ve figured it out – great! But so many have not and they need all hands on deck to assist them in one way or another. This will insure that we’ll not continue being collectively PUNKED! Until the next edition….. Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ…..

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