Breakthrough Gathering Explodes at New Dimensions Center



Sunday morning was not a usual Sunday morning at New Dimensions Christian Center.  This Sunday morning, breakthroughs were on the agenda of his Holy Spirit for all that attended.

As New Dimensions Praise team offered up praise, the Holy Spirit entered in causing many hearts to soften for the word that was about to come forth.

This Sunday morning, Pastor Dick Bernal of San Jose California, stepped onto the podium and began telling of how God has used him in the past to lay hands and bless people with many breakthroughs (including financial) in their lives.  “I’m just a guy that used to ride with the Hell’s Angels,” he began.  “But when I gave my life to Christ, everything began to turn around for me.”  He went on to tell about how he was need for money for his church and his family.  “This was during the time when there was that controversy about Jimmy Swaggart.  One day I was praying and God spoke to me and said to call him and invite him for a visit.  I didn’t know him and really didn’t expect him to know a little person like me.  After all, he was in the ‘big league’ of ministers.  Nevertheless, I did call him and to my surprise, he answered the phone and said ‘hi Dick how are you and Carla?  I’ve seen you a lot on TPN.  So I invited him down and he said yes.  He brought his family and one evening while we were out to dinner, God spoke to me and said have Jimmy preach for you.  Well, I asked him and he replied “Dick you’re already in enough trouble having dinner with me!  He did preach; cried and gave a wonderful sermon.               Afterward, a red faced white haired man came up and shook hands with Jimmy and Jimmy introduced me.  He wasn’t interested in me, just Jimmy.  But a few Sundays later, I saw this man in the back of the church sitting and he continued to come for quite a few Sundays.  Finally, one Sunday he came up to me and asked me if I remembered him.  I said yes.  He asked me to meet him at a bar that he wanted to talk to me.  So, I hesitantly agreed, donned my baseball cap, as I was well known in my town, and met him there.  There he was sitting at the bar and as I arrived he announced to everyone “Hey everyone here’s Dick Bernal.  So I took off my baseball cap and sat with him and drank a diet coke.  As we talked, he said “ the Lord told me to give you a million dollars.”  Of course, I was elated.  We had so many bills that that money was going to cover a lot.  We were preparing to go to Israel and he asked if he could go and wanted to pay for the trip for we could go first class.  Of course, I said yes.  As we were on the plane, he reclined his chair and began ordering bloody marys.  The more he drank the happier he became.  Finally, he looked over to me and said “I’m not going to give you the million dollars.”  My heart sank because you can imagine how I had spent the money a million ways.  He then held up his hand with five fingers.  I went to give him a high five and he wanted to know what I was doing.  He then said I’m giving you five million dollars.

“One day while out with other ministers, I told Oral Roberts what happened.  He had me lay hands on him because he was believing God and in need of eight million dollars for his school.  I did, and he received the money to save his school.  Benny Hinn was having a revival and we were invited and when he finished, we were invited into the Green Room.  While there, he shared how the ministry was having trouble and I was asked to share what happened to me.  I did and he’s now benefiting from my testimony”.  Pastor Bernal went on to share how many, through his anointing have benefited; be it family, healing or financial.

Sunday evening brought many to the Center to continue the breakthrough anointing moment.  Parishioners, relatives and friends stood in line to receive the blessing of breakthrough for their finances and healing.  As they whispered what they expected from God and what they wanted personally, Pastor Bernal agreed with them and lay hands on each individual that so desired.

Monday evening  as the NCDD Praise team led devotion and praise, it was apparent that His Holy Spirit was there to bless those in attendance.   Wasting no time, Pastor Rick Hawkins of San Antonio, Texas preached from Isaiah 54 1-17.  “Some of you have been fighting a battle for some time.”  He said.    “It’s not your past-it’s your future.  The devil is trying to block your future.  He who began a good work in you shall complete it.  If we really want a breakthrough, we really need to know what we need to break from. “

He continued “Tonight we are going to work in the mode of inspiration.  “You are going to walk in the best days of your life.  If the devil could have taken you out, he would have.  Your assignment is not complete.  Many times God will speak to you and to your circumstances.  Many of us are in conditions now than where we started from.  It’s called innocuous decisions. “

“Change your identity of yourself.  You are wonderfully and fearfully made.  You have something to say about where you are going.  You have the ability to emit a clarion call.  Speak specifically.  When God spoke, he spoke specifically.  If he had not, we would not be here. “

Start practicing your future.  If you know where you are going, act like you are already there.”

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