Brenda Johnson Celebrates 60th Birthday

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Brenda Ann Johnson celebrated her 60th birthday on Sunday, November 1st at the E. S. Cobb Center.  As she entered the center, escorted by Brother Robert Johnson, she was received with much fanfare and love. She was surrounded by family and friends and everyone was eager to express their love and appreciation to Johnson on her special day.  Sister Anita Johnson was the Mistress of Ceremony, Elder Bernard C. Yates led everyone in prayer, and Deacon Michael Johnson sang a lovely solo, ‘Your Grace and Mercy’.  The welcome and recognition was presented by Sister Parasine Yelder and another beautiful solo was song by Sister Judy Williams Cook, ‘Blessed Assurance’.  Brenda Johnson gave warm greetings to everyone as she thanked them for coming. Johnson, a well-known local, worked at Ordon’s Men’s clothing store for over 25 years and has been the caregiver for more than 10 families in the Pensacola area. She used Romans 8:28 as the scripture of encouragement for all that was present. Elder Michael Thomas blessed the food which was delicious, abundant and every variety you can imagine.  There was a DVD presentation of Johnson’s life and the closing prayer by Dr. Bernard C. Yates. Everyone had a beautiful and wonderful time.  Happy Birthday Brenda!

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