British Author Denise Lunt Visits The Gulf Coast

Well-known British Author Denise Lunt visited the gulf coast this holiday season. Mrs. Lunt’s visit to the gulf coast helped inspire others this year because she shared her experience and survival of breast cancer while meeting with friends and associates to gain ideas for her new book.
Mrs. Lunt’s life story and experiences are well known in Britain and we were very blessed to have had the opportunity to speak with her and to be able to share her story of overcoming breast cancer, knowing that so many of our friends and family here in the gulf coast have either battled breast cancer or know someone that has.
Mrs. Lunt lives in Hindley Greene England which is a small town in Greater Manchester England. She said that “it doesn’t matter the color, race, religion or sex a person is breast cancer can still attack but with the help of a good team and a great hospital, a person can not only battle but overcome breast cancer.” This is true because Mrs. Lunt is living proof that anyone can survive this dreaded disease. She thanks the hospital, The Christie, for helping her overcome her battle with breast cancer. Located in Manchester, England and being one of the most technologically advanced cancer center outside of North America, the hospital gives each patient a unique experience and hope.
“I decided I had to do something special to further raise funds and awareness for the hospital,” Says Mrs. Lunt.
With the success of
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her first book, Goodnight Mr. Stone, Mrs. Lunt vowed to give a portion the proceeds back to the Christie for more research as well as dedicated the book to the hospital.
Goodnight Mr. Stone tells the story of Jonathan Stone and him finding true love but soon realizes the cost. This stunning love story unfolds against the background of Harvard University and California. This is not just a love story to look forward to, but murder, a touch of blackmail and an ending that you certainly will not expect.
Mrs. Lunt 1st book has reached success by obtaining a 5 star rising on Amazon, Books-A-Million, as well as other book stores more prominent in her country.
While on holiday here on the Gulf coast, Mrs. Lunt went on search to find a new setting for her second book. Though not a sequel to her previous work, the next book prove to be one that is a bit of a different love story with mature characters from a more mature point of view.

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