Brownsville Celebrates the Uniting of the Community

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A community that has been overlooked and lying dormant for a number of years is finally coming back to life. This event was put together by the Escambia County Redevelopment Agency to encourage the unification and revitalization of the Brownsville community. This is the second annual Celebrating Brownsville event that took place in the community. Last year was the start of this affair and it proved to be a great success within the community.

There were several ways for the community to be entertained at this event. There was music, art, food, child activities, and live entertainment. One of the main attractions during this event was Cat Rhodes and the Truth, which is a local blues band that came and performed for the community. Their performance was electrifying and full of energy. As Cat belted out smooth melodious vocals the band backed her up with a strong base and undertones of percussions.

Several local artist showcased their artwork and shared their gifts with the community. Several vendors also displayed their information and skills as well. However, what seemed to be the most interesting thing about this even was the involvement of the young people. Several young groups performed and came out in droves for participation of this event. The faces of the youth lit up as they began to dance, sing and entertain the community. Each group had something special to bring to the event as they created community awareness for the Brownsville. The Salvation Army and several other community activist banded together to give the people more support than they bargained for. As the community experienced this hopeful affair there was a rekindling within a community that for so long seemed almost unproductive since the Brownsville Assembly Revival had taken place.

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