Business Women and Entrepreneurs Gather for Woman to Woman Chat

Saturday morning, women from various parts the community came out to Comfort Inn for a time of relaxation, and enlightenment and discussed topics of business, health, skin care and fitness.

Sponsored by Angel McShane, ladies talked openly about stress in the workplace, and how it affects health.  “Black women are at the top of the poll when it comes to diseases; heart, high blood pressure, cancer, etc,” said Angel.   Why don’t we take these things more seriously?” she asked.  “We know that we are killing ourselves, yet we keep doing the same old thing.  When my father died from high cholesterol  (heart attack)  I decided to take a look at my life and took tests.  That’s when I decided that in order to continue on a healthy road, I must give up a lot of foods that were not right for me and exercise.”  LaDonna Spivey, certified fitness trainer, stated “Our eating habits must change in order to accomplish those goals.  There is no such thing as losing 25 lbs in two weeks and keeping it off.  It’s important to incorporate a healthy way of eating and exercising moderately to ensure a long and healthy life.”

Michelle Crocker (Queen) discussed how we as business people should take the minutes out of our busy schedule to take care of our skin.  “If you begin now to take care of your skin, when you get older you won’t experience wrinkles, heavy bags under your eyes and crow’s feet,” she said.

“We all should find ways of giving back to the community, “ said Angel.  Even though we have our businesses and jobs we should all reach back and grab a child to mentor.  Don’t just think that now that you have made it, you can isolate yourselves and not get involved.  I remember when we had mentors and unfortunately, drugs came through our neighborhoods and took them away.  We need mentors for our young people badly.”

Ladies were also treated to skin treatments, makeovers and healthy snacks by the sponsor.

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