C.C Biggs Celebrates Birthday Bash at the Event Center



The 2016 Million $$$$$ Birthday Bash, celebrated by CC Biggs on Saturday, December 3rd, at the new Event Center located at 3201 Navy Blvd was a smashing success.  If you did not attend this spectacular event, you really missed a party.  Given by C.C. Biggs Productions with Southern Soul musical performances by Lebrado, superb decorations were displayed by Baby Jo and Baby Girl, otherwise known as “A little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That” and they outdid themselves with an outstanding preparation of a fantastic serving of food.   Once again C.C. Biggs has made the first Saturday in December a “Save the Date” exercise.   The crowd created a standing room only party.

Janet Avant exclaimed, “I had a great time! The food was delicious, Lebrado’s hits that he performed really energized the Event Center, and the fellowship was awesome. There was no kind of negative disruption because you could tell everyone was having a super good time!”

C.C. Biggs, the Southern Soul music promoter sponsored his 9th Annual Christmas Party and included the celebration of his birthday and other December birthday celebrations at the same party.

Baby Jo and Baby Girl utilized their interior decorating talents to transform the Event Center into a party venue like a New Orleans night club.  Speaking of New Orleans, Biggs shared with the Gulf Coast Voice that C.C Biggs Production plans to charter a bus to Mardi Gras in New Orleans on “Fat Tuesday.”   Before that event, the company is planning its next show for February 4th with an Artist and location to be announced.

Lebrado turned out the party with tunes like: “I’m Missing You Babe”, “Baby Daddy”, “Just One Night”, “Don’t Scratch My Back”, “Can’t Buy You”, “Reaching Out” and much more!!

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