C.C. Biggs Productions Hosts Christmas Birthday Bash and Food Give Away with Pensacola Caring Hearts

CC Biggs Flyer

C.C. Biggs Productions will be hosting the 2015 Million $$$$$ Birthday Bash on Saturday December 5th at the new Event Center at 3201 Navy Blvd. C.C. Biggs the Southern Soul Music Promoter in Pensacola is sponsoring his 8th Annual Christmas Party; however, this year he is celebrating his birthday at the same event. In addition, the production company is partnering with Pensacola Caring Hearts for the second year in a row to sponsor a huge food give away on the day before on Friday, December 4th in the Veteran Post #193 parking lot on 12th Avenue and Fisher Street.

C.C. Biggs decided to celebrate his birthday along with his 8th Annual Christmas Party at the new Event Center on Navy Blvd with two huge Southern Soul acts. Biggs has also made a decision to expand his marketing of the celebration from Southern Soul fans and music industry professionals to local community organizations, business owners, civil rights organizations, and grassroots political organizers. During an exclusive interview with the Pensacola Voice, Biggs exclaimed, “2016 is a crucial year for our Black Community to network with one another and we are using our celebration to bring people together for a good time. We will have the Southern Soul old school entertainers represented by Billy “Soul” Bond versus the new school artists being represented by Mr. Sam, with his hit “Roll It, Roll It” hot on the radio. Both of these performers have significant hits out that will make this a real battle of the live band entertainers”. He then went on to emphasize that, “This will definitely not be a show with sound track recording, but the real thing in live band performances with Vernon Watson, the Blues Hound, as the Master of Ceremonies and Starchild, will serve as my host for the event that evening”.

Ms. Fannie Finkley, the Founder and President of Pensacola Caring Hearts is partnering with C.C. Biggs Productions on the food give away. In a continuation of the exclusive interview with the Pensacola Voice, Biggs stated, “I am so grateful to the Pensacola and Escambia County community for the support they have shown my production company that I wanted to collaborate with Ms. Finkley and show my appreciation by sponsoring two trucks of food for the community, and at the same time give thanks to the Lord for blessing me”. Pensacola Caring Hearts provides boxes of food including meats, fruits, canned goods, loaves of bread, and dozens of eggs, fruit juices, cookies, and much more.

Biggs held his first Christmas Celebration Party in 2007 at Grotto Hall with the act T.K. Soul. He said that he is thankful for his crew of ten loyal supporters that have been a part of the production company since he launched in 2007. He is especially thankful for the support and expertise of his wife, Joann, who serves as the production company’s event designer and decorator.

C.C. and his wife Joann attracted visitors from around the Gulf Coast region to participate in a social and business networking event at their Third Annual Cookout Celebration in May at their home on East Leonard St. The production company’s couple also assisted the Pensacola Voice with its 50th Anniversary Celebration this past summer. Biggs shared with the Voice that his company is preparing for a huge 2016 summer event at the fairgrounds. For more information on these and many other events planned by C.C. Biggs Productions call (850) 512-8981.

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