Carter Gaston Local Artist Explodes onto National Scene of Cultural Arts

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By: Tony McCray

Carter J. Gaston, otherwise known as Carter G, has exploded onto the local scene with his “Farewell Obama” Exhibit and his wall mural paintings which are popping up all over Pensacola.  One of Gaston’s main local mural locations is the former “Bunny Club” now the Heritage Museum on the corner of Belmont & DeVilliers Streets in the African-American Historical Business District.  The mural is called “It’s Your Move” depicting the Black historical figures pouring their knowledge into the youth at the bottom of the mural.

Another key location in Pensacola to view his work is “Big Al’s Crab Shack” on the corner of “V” Street and Gadsden Street. The murals in Big Al’s include a huge crab that provides the backdrop for the performance area in the new seafood restaurant and the hallway which resembles a “Hall of Fame Walkway” within the restaurant.  In fact, if you missed his Farewell Obama Exhibit, some of the artwork that was not purchased at the show is now in Big Al’s!

Carter G. is in Denver this weekend as a featured artist at the “36TH Annual Colorado Indian Market Festival and Southwest Showcase” on January 20th, 21st, and 22nd!  The festival takes place at the very high profile Denver Mart on the corner of Interstate 25 and 58th Avenue in Denver.  Marketing information online describes the event as: Spectacular, Enchanting, Incredible, Thrilling, Breathtaking, and Magical.

Robin Reshard has described Carter G.’s artwork as follows, “His work is fantastic. He has worked with me when we sponsored “Sip, Savor, Talk” at Five Sisters Restaurant.  I requested that he paint portraits of the guest chef and beverage professional of the event. So, he does private events because people hire him to paint portraits of their events. I know he has painted at private events in Destin and Panama City”!

In an interview with the Gulf Coast Voice as his plane landed in Denver, Carter G. stated that he is excited about the Denver Art Show as a stepping stone to a more national profile. However, he shared that he plans to open an art gallery, an art studio, and art school in the near future in Pensacola.

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