Carver Park Gets a Makeover

Cantonment Improvement Committee stepped up to the plate when it came to their community.  “We have been working on this project for a long time,” said Josh Womack, Chairman of the Cantonment Improvement Committee.

“We’ve come a long way on this project,” said Womack.    “We’ve got new fencing, new swing sets for the children, new benches, repainted tables, repainted venue and we’ve improved the lots for parking,” he said.

“Our committee was formed because Cantonment has been left out of the loop[ for a long time and we just wanted to see our community brought up to standards.”

Womack stated that a lot of their help came from a young contractor in the community.  “Purifoy Construction has helped us a lot.”  “We also have volunteers that come out to help us; especially with the clean-up.  Those that come, we give breakfast.” He said.  Breakfast consists of grits, eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, biscuits and fish.  “We always are looking for volunteers to help with cleaning the park.”

We’re planning a Juneteenth day,” said Antonnette  Mitchell, Events coordinator.  “It’s going to be the type of affair that the whole community can come out and enjoy,” said Mitchell.      June 22, and 23rd we plan to have Family Day that Saturday and we will have a gospel that Sunday.”  Also the committee has plans for a car show.

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