Case Closed!!!

For the last year, we have nothing but controversy over Hillary Clinton’s emails.  Hopefully now, we can move on with the process of electing a President without, what seems to be the norm, finding fault with the outcome of the FBI’s decision.

It should have been apparent that when she sat in front of Congress for those grueling 18 hours that nothing was going to come of it.  Yet, mainstream media kept the fire going.  Now, please!  Let’s get on with the due process of electing a President.

It’s time that we stop spending taxpayers money unnecessarily and beating this dead horse.  By now it stinks.  However, Mr. Boehner is planning to spend more taxpayer money and ask for the personal tapes?  Now let’s see, does that make the Republican Party look worse than before?  Why are you not concentrating on finding a suitable candidate for the party to “adequately” represent what the Republican Party really stands for?

People are angry true enough.  But they are angry because for eight years Republicans have done nothing but complain, block and complain some more about the going on in the Democratic party.  It appears to me, that it’s time to replace the current congress and replace them with perhaps someone that really does have the American people’s interest in mind.  You’ve demonstrated that you can block everything put in front of you, now it’s time to make progress and truly unite this country and put the American people’s concerns first.

Eight million people had healthcare because of the Affordable Health Care Act.  Now, because of the cuts and blocks made to insurance companies, more than half now have lost coverage and will now have to seek help in hospitals with nothing.  Thanks!

We are teaching our younger generation that it’s ok to “buck” the system and if you do, you will be rewarded.  Rules are made to be broken- not abide by.

I have never seen such skull doggery in all of my years.  You failed to accept the nomination of a Supreme Court Judge; you failed to bring a “justifiable “candidate ; you failed to pass any laws that would ensure that quality of life for the American people.  In short, you have failed to do your job.  If you were a corporation, you would hear Donald Trump’s favorite line “You’re fired!”

Stop the fighting and get ready to make some necessary changes to get America on the right track.  Not the Republican track, or Democratic track or Independent track; but the AMERICAN track.  Just saying

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