Camshire Meadows Community Powers Up for Park



By: Jacqueline Miles

For DeVon Snell, president of the HOA of Camshire Meadows Community, God is truly the center of bringing his community closer.

Saturday, residents and children came out and began a cleanup effort that resulted in clean streets, clean yards and a pristine neighborhood.  When asked what inspired him to get involved with his community, he replied “its simple-it was the Holy Spirit.”   One day I came home from church and my heart was touched.  I just wanted to see our neighborhood in a better place. “The idea was to unify the neighborhood and get the children involved,” he said.

Thirty-two homeowners came to the first meeting and they community wasted no time in electing DeVon President.  They immediately decided that their first project was to get a park for the children.  Working with Peggy Fowler of Habitat for Humanity, they began the task of getting a mapped plan of what they wanted for the park. “We want to see our children have a safe place to play basketball, swing and play and the parents can come and sit and watch their children have a good time,” said Snell.

Saturday was a weekend of just cleaning up the streets, yards and enjoying good food and friendship.

“I know that being in the ministry of Power House Ministry, located on Pace and Jordan has a lot to do with how I see life.  Pastor Bruce Gully and Prophetess Cheryl Gulley has been an inspiration and provided the proper training to allow God to use me where he saw fit.

My community is growing closer because of love.  When people can see that you genuinely care, they care also.

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