Celebrating Women for Mother’s Day


Syntoria Spencer, JD had a simple plan to bring women together. She was looking for some unity, but she got much more. “I want SALT (Sister’s Anointed to Lead Together) to have a positive effect in the lives of others. For Mother’s Day I wanted to help women see that they are more than just moms, wives, aunts, employers, and bosses. They are women first. I just wanted them to celebrate being women. The ‘High Tea a Mother’s Day Extravaganza Hats, Pearls, and Lace’ allowed me to do that and it has exceeded my wildest dreams. ”

The inaugural Mother’s Day Extravaganza was held at the Mustin Beach Club located at Pensacola Naval Air Station and featured recent graduate Ava Abney, PhD, MSM, RN. Dr. Abney presented “Natural Woman” woman. Yes, she has natural hair, but she spoke and encouraged attendees to be natural women as in “authentic.”

Other program participants were Sonja Mattress; Samantha Dunlap; Katrina McDaniel, FRP; P. Michelle Grier-Hall, MD; and Karyn Reddick. In addition to high tea, the ladies played games and were entertained by Meeka Bell with her tribute to mothers through dance.  Door prizes were awarded to the youngest mother, the oldest mother, and more.

Attendees came from as far as Washington D.C. to participate in this program.

The ladies enjoyed the celebration of womanhood and are already looking forward to the next event and the opportunity to celebrate being a woman.

Spencer shared, “I let God guide me and I followed his plan. This High Tea turned out better than I imagined it would. Seeing the women step into their womanness and owning their elegance, grace, and daintiness blessed me as much as it blessed them. We had attendees from their 20s to their 80s and everyone enjoyed themselves. I’m looking forward to this new annual event and for other ways for SALT to bless the community. I am so grateful for all of the support I received.” said Spencer.

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