Charges Dropped Against Rev. Hugh King

After months of review, the state Attorney’s office has dropped all charges against Minister Hugh King.

The charges stemmed from an alleged complaint filed by Lumon May (now County Commissioner) that named Minister Hugh King as an assailant that on March 30, 2012 he (Hugh King) committed battery and exposed a weapon.

”Officially the documentation says that the case has been closed and they have decided not to prosecute.” said King.  “When asked if he felt if there was a difference in no prosecution and dropping charges, he responded “For me there is because what it simply says that the State’s Attorney’s office no longer saw a valid case.  I was offered many deals or plea bargains and I was adamant about getting my day in court with a jury of my peers and let the evidence be brought forth from that decisions are made there.   “It left me feeling relieved in one sense because my wife and family do not have to be concerned about that type of thing. But too, a little disappointed that our system can be/ needs some tweaking because these type of things happens.  And for literally nine months the assumption was that I was guilty until proven innocent- which is the generally the case unfortunately.  But the real truth is that we are innocent until proved guilty, and there was no way to prove me guilty.  So I’m a little disappointed that we had to suffer through that.”

During this time King was also on the campaign trail for county commissioner. This he feels hampered his chances of successfully completing his campaign.  “This was definitely an energy drain and a distraction personally, and it certainly created a public false perception.  The way the local media began to play it up, and unfortunately, it’s always the assumption that you are always guilty until you prove proven innocent.  A lot of things about the validity of the charge created a major distraction.  I really felt sorry for the community that the community had to deal with such a fiasco.  That it took away from the integrity of the process of an election in a democratic system.  It tainted the whole process, especially for District 3 and the community as a whole.  I think we are better than that and should maintain a better political environment than have these types of things happen.

Minister King has moved on to become the President of the local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.  “There was a restructuring nationally, and the national leadership has now stabilized.  Two weeks ago, we went to the SCLC planning conference and are now ready to move forward with the SCLC agenda which is very positive.  We are ready to address the issues that need to be address to redeem the soul of America.

“The biggest issue right now for SCLC is 2014 (election).  We need to register as many voters and be very vigilante in voter education efforts and rights of restoration.  Then there’s always the issue of economic development or economic disparity in our community.  From the poor people’s campaign, there are probably some say, created the demise that drove the nails in Dr. King’s coffin because of the concern of restructuring of the flow of wealth;  which really was not the issue.  The issue is no one deserves to be poor where there is so many opportunities and so many resources.  We just have to seeour brothers and sisters as being resources and not poor people.

When asked if being a minister and being the President of SCLC if he saw any conflict of interest, he said “No, not at all.  As a matter of fact, this is a position I held during the 1990’s.  It’s a biblical platform, a structured platform.    It’s not a matter of opinions, it’s beliefs that you are convicted by the things that you really believe in; the principles we hold true.  The same principles our constitution was established on.  Now actually what we strive for, is the right and ability of people to exercise in a country freedom that the country says they have.”

However, King is measured is stating that all is not right with the world after going through such an ordeal. “I am committed to and have always been committed to trying to not necessarily right all of the wrongs, but to see to it that our processes are pure.  That they are not driven by anything other than the desire to do what the Tuskegee Airmen’s motto is:  Just get it Right the Frist Time.  Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do right.  Unfortunately, a lot of our processes become personality driven and when personalities dictate the order of the day, the doors are open for corruption and chaos.  That’s unfortunate, but it’s just a reality.  I believe that there are more people who have an  intent to do right, and people would appreciate right being  done.  Someone has to make the sacrifice to work towards it.  I know in the end, it does not benefit an individual, it benefits the country and it advances the kingdom of God.

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