Charles Haynes Inducted into the 1976 National Black Hall of Fame

By Jacquie Miles

Charles Haynes, a former South Carolina State University football player, was inducted into the South Carolina State University’s Athletic Hall of Fame along with 60 other members of his team.
Haynes played the position of Outside linebacker for South Carolina State University Bulldogs on an athletic scholarship.
As an Outside linebacker he was 6’2 and over 230 pounds. During college he averaged around 12 tackles per game and graded out over 90 percent.

The team garnered a 10-1-0 record (9-1-0 regular season), won the 1976 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) Championship and also won the Bicentennial Bowl (Dec. 11, 1976) against Norfolk State.

The 10 accumulated victories marked a milestone for Bulldog football history. It had never been done before.
Because of an old injury during from a prior game, Haynes said he was forced to end his football career after the 1976 season.

“I was hurt, and I was hoping for an opportunity to further my career,” Haynes said. “But I had prepared myself to graduate with a B.S. degree. That allowed me to seek other job opportunities.”

Haynes began his career in education as the youngest head football coach at Ruffin High School (Ruffin, S.C.) He touted more game wins than any other head coach of the school’s history.

Haynes relocated to Pensacola in 1978 and began coaching football while teaching at Booker T. Washington High School.

“I coached football, basketball and track,” Haynes said. “I really enjoyed working with the kids and it gave me an opportunity to help them further their education outside of athletics.”

Haynes held the position for 13 years – leaving in the early 1990’s to pursue other career opportunities.
1976 National Black Football Championship Team:

Dextor Clinkscale ,Nate Rivers, Tommy Brown, Arbie Lagroon, Jeff Bulter, Alvin Sumpter, Jessie Prather, R. V. Brown, Robert “Buzzy” Banks, Jackie Reed, Leonard Duncan, Rufus Bess, Kenny Brown, Lewis Pinkston, Jimmy Stroud, Anthony Evans, Ben Williams, Randy Allen, Donald Hagler, Roy Keller, Ralph Major, James Walker (C), Franklin Irvin, Anthony “Tony” James, Willie Bamberg, Robert Moton, Keith Franklin,Larry Mattison, Bruce Jackson, Willie “Tony” Felder, Ernest Gordon, Elbert Sanford, Taft Gaymon, Rickey Anderson, Theodore “Teddy” Carter, Charles “Charlie” Brown, Malcolm Montgomery, Carey Meadows, Chris Ragland, Charles Burgess ,Gregory Holden, Samuel “Skip” Dunham, Arthur Prescott, Luther Dixon, Derrick Adderly, Bennie Gray, Charles Haynes, Marvin Gilmore, James Quarles, Steve Latimer, Albert Lester, Thomas Holliday, Erone Edmonds, Hugh Workman, Bobby Moore, Johnnie Butts, Philip Murphy, Rudolph Bryant, Benjamin Wright    Raleigh, Jackson, Horace Hall, Veron Johnson, Milton Glover, George Saldana, Charles Simpkins, Mickey Sims (C), Eugene Grant, James McCoy, Roger Wiley, Robin Campbell, Terry Turner, Anthony Clay, Mickey Pringle, Joe Warren, Leroy Robinson, Walter Sullivan, Michael Washington, Thomas O’Leary, Edward Smith, Willie Page, Sherman Linning, Stanley Clinkscale, Glen Kennedy, Pierce Sullivan, Steve Cheeks, Victor Nesmith

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