Christ Church hosted Allen Chapel AME of Pensacola for their Sesquicentennial 150-year Celebration

IMG_20180324_153714Saturday. The room was filled in a grace and love as everyone was joyful at the occasion. Those in attendance sat, ate, and fellowshipped among one another while getting ready to recognize the esteemed individuals that were to accept their awards for the work they not only did in the church but also in the community.
Ms. Teniade Broughton gave a bit of history on each historic and honorable person. Each award was based off individuals such as Ella T Jordan, Dr James Polk Sr, Dr Elmer Jenkins, and many more.
Ms. Broughton even shared segments of African American history from Pensacola such as Chappie James and his upbringing, to the great debate between W.E.B Dubois and Booker T. Washington.
Reverend Tellis presented each recipient with their award and gave a nice and respectful narrative before the recipients recited their own dialogs. Some of the award recipients included Ms. Joan Van Fleteren, Colonel Deacon James Smith, Charlie Nichols, Mary Rishy Studer, Rev. H K Matthews and many more.
Reverend Tellis lead with the phrase ” I came to serve and no to be served” which truly rang true throughout that evening. With the diverse crowd and recipients, the ceremony proved to be rewarding, heartwarming, and truly an educational yet powerful ceremony.

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