City Council Votes 5-3 Not to Add Confederate Flag Ordinance to City’s July 16th Agenda

City Council Votes 5-3 Not to Add Confederate Flag Ordinance to City’s July 16th Agenda

The Pensacola City Council during a Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday July 13th voted in a 5-3 decision not to add the adoption of an ordinance to restrict the flying of the Confederate Flag.  City Councilwoman Sherry Myers brought the item up as an agenda add-on which needed six votes to pass.  City Councilman Larry Johnson made a statement that he would definitely oppose the addition of the ordinance to the Pensacola City Council agenda.


The yes votes to add the ordinance to the agenda came from Myers, Wingate, and Wynn.  The votes not to add the ordinance to the July 14th agenda were made by Johnson, Bare, Wu, Spencer, and Tehar.  In a similar action, the Milton City Council voted Tuesday to delay dialogue concerning changes to their six flags display, which includes the well-known Stars and Bars flag. African-American Milton City Councilwoman, Mary Johnson voted with the majority on the decision to delay the conversation.

With the sentiment moving across the nation to remove the Confederate Flag from government sites, Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward, on June 24th, directed city staff to remove the Confederate flag that flies with the city’s Five Flags presentation with the flag of the State of Florida.  In an official statement Mayor Hayward stated, “While the Confederate Flag undeniably represents a part of Pensacola’s history, for too many it is a painful symbol of racial hatred and intolerance. I proudly celebrate our great city’s rich history, but I do not believe that we are defined by our history alone. We will always be the City of Five Flags — but now is the time for us to turn our focus to our city’s bright future.”

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