City of Pensacol Acknowledges Domestic Violence

By: Charles Davis
Because October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, Tuesday October 17th marked an extremely important day for our city. It was a day to create awareness about domestic violence.
Pensacola Fire Station Number-1 hosted the second annual observance with Fire Chief David Allen greeting the visitors. Christopher Martin, Pensacola Naval Air Station’s Commanding Officer and Mayor Ashton Hayward were joined with many first responders and military branches with a proclamation to recognize the first responders for their support and assistance to the military, and for their work on domestic violence cases.
Mayor Ashton Hayward stated “I think it’s incredibly important to get out in the community and really talk about domestic violence because so many women and men don’t talk about [it] after the violence occurs and as the mayor it’s very important to be visible and let the victims know that we as a community are there for them.” Mayor Hayward goes on to say that communication is very important in helping to identify and prevent domestic violence situations and let the victims know that we, as a community, are here for them.
From 9am to 10am those in attendance were able to hear words from Sue Hand, Director of Favor House. Hand said the community should be very aware that domestic violence does exist. “It’s a crime and there is help. Everyone should know how to reach out for help even if it’s by calling 911, the first responders, which is what today’s event is about, and they will have the opportunity to do the referrals for victims of domestic violence and get them to us,” Hand continued.
Favor House is the only domestic violence center in Escambia and Pensacola. Favor House offers things such as a safe shelter, counseling, crisis hotline, and even a kid center. They offer their services to only victims of domestic violence. Going since February they also offer pro-bono lawyers for the victims in cases of domestic violence but only for civil injunctions. Their number of contact is (850) 434-1177.
If you or anyone you know is facing a domestic violence situation do not hesitate to call 911.

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