City of Refuge Holy Convocation Hosts Gospel Extravaganza



By: Jacqueline Miles

(PNS) -What started out as a simple concert turned into a Holy Ghost on fire praise and worship night with gospel groups such as The Anointed One, Pensacola Men of God, True Redemption and Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC’s.  Pastor Michael Thompson of Great Union Baptist Church was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.

As pastor Thompson took to the platform, the atmosphere was charged with the presence of the Holy Spirit.  “Put your hands together and give God some praise! “ He shouted.  People began to stand to their feet, clap and shout to give honor and praise.   

Pensacola Men of God was first to take to the platform singing old time songs that brought the house down.  No group was unstoppable.  Each with their own style mad an everlasting impression on the crowd.  The Anointed One (the only ladies group) brought a touch of special anointing that made the evening a joy to be there.  True Redemption and the Spiritual QC’s ended the evening making it a hit for Jesus.

The evening was the culmination of the Holy Convocation that was being hosted at The City of Refuge where Pastor Kim Bolton and First Lady Faye Bolton preside.

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