Cokesbury Methodist Church Hosts 9th Annual Homeless Awareness Day

On Saturday, April 25, 2015 the 9th Annual HomelessDay Awareness event kicked off at 10:00 AM at the Cokesbury Methodist Church. homelessThe event was hosted by Pastor Sylvia Tisdale and after collecting all of the food, clothing and toiletries it was a joy to see the impact of a positive effect of helping the homeless. With several ministries and sponsors banding together to make this event a success, there was a lot of excitement and expectation in the air. The event began with Co-Pastor Elijah Hicks singing. However, the most inspiring message came from Mr. John Rebman, who placed himself in the shoes of a homeless person and found out the struggles that a homeless person has. He passionately spoke about how overlooked the homeless are to the rest of society. In spite of the various changes that the homeless people go through, they are looked upon as being worse than a rapist.

At the event, Pensacola State College was there helping out and giving haircuts to the men that were homeless. The Student Support Services, Jubilee Christian Center, and Revelation Christian Center along with PJA Ministries came out in a pack helping pack up food and giving it to the people. Agape Temple Church, Damascus Road Baptist Church, Kingdom Authority Christian Center, Soul Saving Ministries, Vision of Faith, and Macedonia Baptist Church also not only helped in collecting the food, but also came to the event and cooked food and helped out in every way they could.

Pastor Sylvia Tisdale walked around greeting and thanking everyone that supported her through the entire event, as she helped those who were homeless with food and clothing. The event ended with lines of people collecting boxes and bags of food and clothing. This event was one of hope.

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