Community and Students Celebrate the Life of Coach Cedric Keith Singer


By: Jacqueline Miles

Cedric Singer was the type of man that would never meet a stranger.  He would often take children under his wings to give them the guidance and nurturing love that so many desired and needed.

Born on July 29, 1971 to Linda Gail Singer, he was reared in the fear of the Lord by Willis James and Corrie Neal Crenshaw.

Aside from being a sports enthusiast, he was a godly man that loved his wife, Uyanda Singer and his seven ‘blended’ children, Ladorn Singer, Cornealius Robinson, Daga Thomas, Danyelle Singer, Ja’Nya Hall, Joy Singer, and Elijah Hall.

Cedric loved basketball and was a diehard PHS Tiger.  He was always available to his players, parents and coaches. A constant student of the game, Cedric continued to increase his knowledge of basketball by attending conferences and studying plays as well as players.  “Cedric was an athlete that played for me when I coached basketball,” said David Williams, principal of Pensacola High School.  “He became the first player that I had coached, become a coach.  He started coaching when he was 21 years old.  He came back and started helping me and he’s been here every since.  He dedicated his entire life to Pensacola High School.  Twenty four years, he was on our coaching staff.  He’s help mentor kids and helped kids in so many ways using his own funds.  He took them to camp and got them ready for college making sure they had everything.  So, he was the epitome in what we look for in a mentor and leader.  We will sorely miss him here at Pensacola High School,” said Williams.

“I used to meet with him every Monday morning.  We would sit down and talk about many, many issues.  But most of all, he was a good humble person, a God fearing man who raised his family well and also cared about those people who was under his tutelage,” stated Williams.

April 24, 2017 Cedric said good bye to his earthly friends and family to join the Lord in heaven.

May 1, 2017 family, friends and students gathered at Zion Hope P.B. Church to celebrate the life of this humble man.

To show the love and appreciation, students marched in solidarity from Pensacola High School to Zion Hope Church.  Beginning with the Processional of the Officiant and family, through the Eulogy, delivered by Elder Bernard C. Yates, it was evident that this young man was a true light in the community and will be missed by many.

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