Community Enjoy Friendship Baptist Church Friends and Family Day


Sunday morning, Richard Memorial Church and Friendship Baptist Church combined services to praise God and enjoy a day of fellowship with food and DRINK.

“Each year we have Family and Friends Day but in the last few months we’ve been meeting with Pastor Mullens and the entire group over at Pensacola United Methodist Community ministries and Richard’s Memorial.  They are two groups but they are operating on one campus.” Said Pastor “LuTimothy Mays.”One is more service oriented and the other is Church.

“Since we’ve been at our new location, and with them being across the street, we decided to introduce ourselves and see what they were doing.”  “We came to realize that it’s not about our denomination or our background, it’s about the community in which we inexist.  And if we are going to co-exist, we are going to cooperate to make sure that the operations and missions of Jesus Christ is being fulfilled.”

Instead of these organizations duplicating their mission, they combined efforts and now each works hand in hand to fulfill the needs of the community.

“We are so happy to have Friendship next to us,” Jim McNegretti of Richard Memorial.

Pastor Jim    stated “I volunteer and runs the habit to hang Ups addictions ministry of Pensacola United Methodist Ministries.  They also offer services such as Ministry for homeless, Veterans, health care, hygiene ministry, clothing, GED, learning to read, English as a second language, employment search and also four food servings for the homeless a week.

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