Community Pays Homage to Chief David Alexander



If you are wondering why the community is paying homage to Pensacola’s Chief of Police as he leaves office, it’s because Chief Alexander has demonstrated more than once his love for his community.  Be it walking in the community to talk with citizens personally, being a part of children’s lives where it is needed most, giving a word of encouragement to his fellow officers and demonstrating true leadership qualities, or not asking anymore of himself than he asks of others- he is leaving a big hole to fill for the community.

Saturday afternoon, well-wishers came out to the Belmont Youth Building to once again say “thank you” for bringing our community together.  The event , held outside, brought ministers, attorneys, businessmen, and even a County Commissioner to wish Chief Alexander well.

Sponsored by Priscilla Sapp and friends, the crowd came out and showed lots of love for the out-going Chief.

Truth for Youth served everyone refreshments of hot dogs and sodas.

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